LifeDNA Review- Dietary Supplements and Natural Ingredients

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LifeDNA has created the supplement as well as skincare packages which you need with a combination of the unique DNA, the medical family history as well as daily life functions. The proprietary algorithms combine all the factors so that you can identify all the ingredients that the skin and the body would benefit from. None of the products which are available in the market is even close to such customisation.


LifeDNA supplement is built keeping the needs of the users in mind. Your lifestyle and DNA say a lot about you, your deficiencies, your needs, the risks related to your health, etc. Some of the genes might also reveal if it is difficult for you to lose those extra pounds.

Your DNA might help you in revealing everything that you should know for creating that perfect skin care regime for you. Irrespective of what imperfections you have on your skin, it can help in treating them with organic, natural and good quality ingredients without using any kind of unnecessary chemicals on the skin which treat the conditions which you do not even have.


The scientific process

  1. The company looks at more than 1000 scientific researches and studies for understanding the impact of the genetic markers might have on our body or health, skin and wellness.
  2. They analyse the genetics looking for the problematic SNPs in the DNA.
  3. They match the SNPs with preventive effects of the particular ingredients which are present in the supplements and the skincare products.

Why does DNA matter- Science behind LifeDNA

The process that’s used at LifeDNA is quite precise and needs a team of professional and dedicated scientists. It starts by analysing the SNPs, or single nucleotide polymorphisms. The little snippets of the genetic codes reveal interesting details about your skin, health, etc.

Most importantly, they do a thorough scientific study. They rely on most rigorous researches which are published in most respectable peer-reviewed journals, giving you the most premium ingredients which are selected on the basis of the proven scientific study.

The mission

The mission of the company is to inspire the users to make use of the power of DNA for living a healthier and a fulfilling life. For accomplishing this, the company is making the DNA personalised life very easy by offering free of cost DNA test with your purchase of any package.

Optimise your skin, health as well as your life

Each of the LifeDNA packages and the beauty boxes is designed keeping your needs in mind. Your DNA is aware of your needs and now you can easily inlock this knowledge for truly optimising your skin, your health as well as your life.

Guaranteed results with 60 days money back policy

The company is so confident in their process that they are offering a 60 days money back assurance. In case you are not happy with the personalised product box which has been designed for you due to some reason, they would issue a refund for your last subscription box.

How to order?

To order, all you need to do is fill up the online order form along with the shipment and payment details on the official website. You will receive your product within a few days.